SimpleUX is a Birmingham based startup, one man show help you to design and develop web site, web systems, web and mobile applications; believe in simplicity, transparency and open standards in our relationship, design and technology.

Open Source Projects



A Multisite, bug tracking plugin. Allow you to integrate BugHerd sidebar into WordPress based website within one minute to visually identify bugs in WordPress design.



Group theme design

Redesign websites for group of the creative arch's team in wordpress, the idea was to create single brand and maintainable wordpress theme. Design foucs was effective navigation system unlike mega or drop menus, minimal design approach and little bit of interactivity in elements like portfolio using css3 transitions.



GTMA use wordpress as a service for their clients, provides latest information regarding trade associations and serve membership directory based on their subscriptions. We developed a custom plugin to serve their membership directory requirements which allows them to upload hundreds of videos using Youtube API within wordpress administration, 100 of gallery images and upto 300 company documents in different section using extended wordpress media management api. And the real challange was to design simple & sleek one page profile to show all these features i.e. (images, videos, documents) etc.


The Royal Aeronautical Society

Dedicated resource to aerospace community demonstrating our skills to work in enterprise level development where group of companies involved to deliver a single project. We were responsible for media side of project to develop cms which can be distributed between their different departements and allow other techology companies to have programmatic access to different part of design. We came up with wordpress as a solution because it is simple, easy to use for non-technical stuff, distributable through multisite feature and provide powerful XML-RPC feature to talk to other technologies. Complexity started when client requested to bring posts from different multisite into homepage but wordpress powerful WP_Query and Mysql union feature help us to provide the mashup feature.

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