Drag and drop wordpress visual theme designer framework, featuring integrated LessCSS support, literally allows you to customize any layout, simplify widget and dynamic sidebar administration and ability to extend through wp plugin api .

LessCSS Compiler

Yes, its true. Layout Engine provides built in support for LessCSS for your style.less to compile into style.css using lessphp; and it also allows you to annotate LessCSS variables into wordpress theme settings accessible both through backend and using wordpress new customizer settings.

LessCSS compiler currently provides support for text, radio, checkbox,color,textarea and image support

Layout Engine demonstrating how easily you can define wordpress theme settings in your style

Template Hierarchy

Layout Engine can understand Template Hierarchy defined by wordpress and give you power to easily define different layout settings for different objects e.g. tag, category or page templates.

Layout Engine also provide support for wordpress admin bar, to easily detect layout type and give you quick admin access to modify the layout settings

Template Hierarchy by Layout Engine

Drag & Drop

Layout Engine allows you to literally drag and drop any wordpress object, customize it, define object properties and their size in a grid. (by object it means widget, sidebar etc). Unlike other wordpress drag and drop frameworks, it gives designers/developers control on output using wordpress powerful plugin api.

Layout Engine drag and drop component works best with a grid based layout, and it creates html5 markup however you can change behavior through filters.

By default there are three blocks to drop elements, however you can define as many layout blocks as you want

If you are familar with wordpress plugin api, with very little effort you can define your own block items (elements)

HTML5, Drag and drop support

Unlimited sidebars

Define as many sidebars as you want, visually or programmatically, position them in a grid and give power to your user to re-order, delete, rename or redefine markup without any hassle.

Define unlimited dynamic wordpress sidebars.

Simplified widget administration

Redefine widget administration to give power to end user to quickly identify and access their settings in design, change the widget or developer to define widget default settings programmatically.

Redefined wordpress widgets.

Getting started

Download getting started theme to understand how easily you can convert your theme into layout engine, giving power to your users to administrate layout more easily and confidently.

Hacks needed to convert twenty eleven into layout engine standards are mentioned in functions.php

Getting started layout engine theme.

Future Enhancements

  • Allows to re-order/delete/modify widgets within sidebar administration.
  • Allows to define height for block item in a grid (block) to rowspan other block items like this.
  • Allows developer to use client side version of lesscss compiler for robust development.
  • Allows to see block items filled by parent layouts.
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